June 6, 2011

So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore

Beth Moore is well-known in Evangelical circles as a spiritual teacher and life coach to women. I became familiar with her through several of her video series. She's vibrant, passionate, smart and honest, making her an inspirational video series host. As a writer, she's much more scattered, but her personable and hilarious tone is still there, and if you stick with this book, you will learn a lot. At least I did.

Moore teaches how insecurity affects women, the causes of it, and how to become more secure. She's a relentless researcher, but says she found little out there already written about insecurity so she did some pretty extensive polling and questionnaires through her website, getting stories and ideas from many hundreds of women and even from 150 men. I found the chapters about men fascinating - in one she describes men's insecurities (yes, they have them, but they are mostly quite different from women's) and in another she discusses women's insecurities about men.

Because I'm in an anxious period of my life, I soaked up her ideas about how to deal with fear and anxiety. One of my favourite comments: "Our fears will never do us a single favor. If fright would somehow insulate us from specific outcomes, I'd say let's jump out from behind a door and scare ourselves half to death every morning for good measure." Beth Moore's common sense and spiritual wisdom gave me some good ideas about how to be less anxious and more secure. Now for the practise.

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