March 17, 2011

Spirit '20

Our community concert last night was one of the best ever and there have been so many good ones. Spirit '20 is a six-piece Canadian classical jazz ensemble that formed only last year and is in the midst of what sounded like a modest tour. The group includes James Campbell, maybe the best clarinetist in the country, as well prodigious talent in the rest of the group - an incredible pianist, bassoonist, cellist, violinist, and trumpeter. There was no grandstanding - the group shared the stage equally and unobtrusively, obviously having a great time.

They play 1920s music, which I love, including in their program some lesser known composers but also plenty of favourites like Duke Ellington and George Gerschwin. The highlight of the program for me once again was Gerschwin's "Rhapsody in Blue," which had enchanted us at our October concert by pianist Sara Davis Buechner. Music is so good for the soul. I feel all buoyed up today by the joy of last night.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful experience -- good for you guys getting out to these concerts.